The Works Of Mercy’ Psychological Thriller Inspired By The Classics Of The Genre: Roman Polanski’s ‘Repulsion,’ ‘The Tenant’ And Stanley Kubrick’S ‘The Shining.’ The Game’S Plot Revolves Around Mysterious Killings Committed On Seemingly Random Victims. Only This Time It’S The Player Who Becomes The Murderer.’The Works Of Mercy’ Tells A Story.

When A Cryptic Tormentor Forces The Protagonist To Kill People In Order To Save His Family, The Game’S Hero (And The Player) Is Posed With A Series Of Dramatic Questions. Who Is The Tormentor? Why Is He So Vengeful Toward The Protagonist’S Family? How Far Do You Have To Go To Satisfy Him? How Can You Justify The Killing In The Sake.

‘The Works Of Mercy’ Takes Place In A Photorealistic World As Immersive As The Real One. It Lets The Player Get The Very Feel Of Roaming Through Murky Locations And Delve Into The Hero’s Mind Which Is Put To A Serious Trial. The Game Enables You To Explore A Fully Interactive Environment Featuring The Best Elements Of Such Games.

The Player Is Given Various Controversial Missions Which Don’T Must Be Completed To Progress Through The Story Line But Then You Will Take The Consequences And Your World Will Turn Into A Horror. You Have To Think A Lot What You Are Saying And Doing Because Somebody Can Die Even If You Don’T Want It. It’S Not Easy But There Is A Place.

The Works Of Mercy (Size: 5.28 GB)

Installation Information

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Minimum Requirements

• INTEL CPU – Core I5-2400S 2.5GHz

• AMD CPU – FX-4320

• NVIDIA GPU – GeForce GTX 660

• AMD GPU – Radeon R9 270X

• RAM – 6 GB

• OS – Win 7 64

• Direct X – 11

• HDD Space – 10 GB

Recommended Requirements

• INTEL CPU – Core I7-3770 4-Core 3.4GHz

• AMD CPU – FX-8350

• NVIDIA GPU – GeForce GTX 1060

• AMD GPU – Radeon RX 480 4GB

• RAM – 12 GB

• OS – Win 8.1 / Win 10

• Direct X – 11

• HDD Space – 10 GB

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